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FAQ and answers

Good to know

Do your products contain peanuts?

No, all our products are exent peanuts.

Do you have gluten-free varieties?

Yes, Raspberry Shine,Grainy Mustard and Maple Syrup, Balsamic and Apple and Honey Vinaigrettes.

Why do your products contain sulphites?

We never add sulphite, but sulphites can be naturally present in vinegar.

Why is raspberry vinaigrette not always so red?

We use fresh raspberries and depending on the season the color of the fruits is less vibrant.

Do your products contain garlic?

Yes, all our products.

Do your products contain preservatives?

Only sulphites act as a preservative, and we do not add any preservatives.

Why does my grocery store sell your products more expensive than elsewhere?

Grocery stores have a suggested retail price but can sell at lower or higher prices.