Colour, flavour and happiness on your plate!

Émulsion is all about bright and vibrant vinaigrettes, healthy and tasty ingredients, and recipes rich in flavour. We’re also a passionate and creative team that dares to be bold, thinks outside the box and, of course, eats healthy and delicious!

Our vinaigrettes are delectably versatile!

Not only are they the stars of all our salads, they also work wonders as dips, marinades, in sandwiches or burgers, and even as fondue sauces. With 8 regular flavours and 4 seasonal flavours, there’s no end to the mouth-watering combinations!

We like to keep things simple

Our vinaigrettes are made with simple, high quality and carefully selected ingredients, without artificial flavours or colours. We expertly showcase the fruits and vegetables at the heart of most of our recipes to create the explosion of flavour you're looking for. It’s never been so easy to add a unique and flavourful touch to your dishes!

Eating local has never tasted so good!

- Made in Quebec
- No artificial flavours or colours
- Gluten free
- Vegetarian options
- 8 regular flavours
- 4 seasonal flavours

Where can I find Émulsion vinaigrettes?

Émulsion vinaigrettes are available in the produce section of most grocery stores.